We are working on the new website of Lark Legal, a law firm serving the Houston Metropolitan area. The firm approached Ten Hacken Online to create a minimal landing page that enables visitors to get a comprehensive overview of the services offered combined with an opt-in form to get in touch. Minimalism and professionalism are key pillars in the design of the website.

Multilingual website to support target audience

Lark Legal is both offering legal advice in English and Spanish. To create an inclusive website for both target groups, a Spanish version is created. Users can switch to the other language by selecting the flag in the menu.

Fully search-engine optimised

Offering a fast, responsive and search-engine optimised (SEO) website is key to reach the target audience of Lark Legal. We are taking these principles into account to foster Lark Legal’s position in search engine results and emphasise on the user experience.


The website of Lark Legal is completed in April 2020. Interested to view the website and the customer case? Read more.