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Writing online content is not merely a task that should revolve solely around the visitor. While you need to tailor your content to the target audience, persuading them to take action, there are other forces at play. Having content that is tailored to search engines will help you become more relevant.

The result?
Higher rankings in the search engine results, more (relevant) visitors and a higher conversion.

Our SEO Content Services

Content Writing

We write quality content for your website or linkbuilding activities.


We provide translation services in English, Dutch and Mandarin Chinese.


Our services can be offered white label. Let's work together!

  • Experienced content writers
  • Academic backgrounds (MSc+)
  • SEO expertise
  • Market research before writing
  • Peer reviewed

What you can expect

When you work together with Ten Hacken Online, you can expect to work with a strong partner. We do not simply write content, we think about growing your online authority. Whether it is an on-page article, linkbuilding content or the translation of pages/documents, we have your customer in mind in all that we do.

您好, 我们也会说中文!We also write and provide translation services in Mandarin Chinese

Client case

Bringing cleaning products to the international market

The leader in the field of consumer cleaning products, ranging from car cleaning to mould prevention, enters the international market. To establish their brand and visibility in the (English) search engines, we support them with relevant content.

New articles are provided on a monthly basis. Ranging from use cases, tips and tricks to product information. The articles are leveraged for linkbuilding purposes and are published across websites with high authorities (DA).

Content for cleaning product manufacturer
Content for payment scale-up

Client case

Visibility for a British payment scale-up

Payments are ready to be revolutionised. With traditional payment terminals innovating incrementally, this start-up redesigned payment solutions to blend with the digital in a disruptive way.

Being visible to potential customers is of upmost importance. We supported the British scale-up in their linkbuilding activities through quality content.

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